Europe’s big gamble

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One more day of the prolonged brinkmanship game between Greece and the European Union was only overshadowed by such a prominent event as the UK parliamentary elections today. While the UK event was highly elaborated by ACFX Academy this morning and with the final outcomes still awaiting to be published, let’s once again return to the adrenaline raising Greek/EU game of chicken.

Simplifying things to the 7 years old child understanding, I believe could be sometimes the best way to comprehend the problem for a grown up. Ignoring all the essence distracting daily news updates and considering that there must be a plenty of the beyond the curtains play, unavailable to a casual observer, its good to have a look at the situation as a whole. Who would possibly end up as a chicken in this game, Greece or the European Union? Who as a trader would I bet on? These are the questions, which I’m sure many of us currently asking themselves.

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything,” Chuck Palahniuk from the Fight Club said and I could not agree with him more. Considering the matter from this perspective, Greece is in a better position than its significantly more powerful European counterparts.Pressed to the limits with the austerity measures, the country with the collapsing economy and desperate citizens’, Greece however, has still to lose it seems, protracting the end of the game for some time longer. Whereas the country is depleted materially, there should be something stronger, which holds Greece from ending this game.

Fear of unknown has been the strong detriment for making reasonable decisions in the world’s history at many occasions. As we know, the history repeats itself, since learning by someone else’s mistakes is always seems to be the hardest task.What will happen to Greece, if it exits the European Union? What will happen to the European Union if Greece exits? These are the questions, which seems to be the real hold backs to the game resolution, while the markets habitually preparing for such an event.


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