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EUR/USD WEEKLY ANALYSIS 19-24 October 2015

Last week EURUSD had different action.

At the beginning EURUSD goes up and at the end of week it had bearish trend.

Please look at the pictures:


eurusd 2


As you can see on candle stick analysis we can say that the next week candle can be bearish.

So in the next picture we can see bump & run pattern so with 2 different view we can say that the next week we should think about sell position.

EURUSD view according to the Forex economic indicators:

To get a good view for trading on EURUSD in the next week  we can compare the most important Forex news on EUR and USA :

News        Currency Impact
German ZEW Economic Sentiment       EUR Against EUR
Core Retail Sales m/m       USD Against US
PPI m/m       USD Against US
Retail Sales m/m      USD Against US
CPI m/m       USD Good For USD
Core CPI m/m       USD Good For USD
Unemployment Claims       USD Good For USD
Philly Fed Manufacturing Index       USD Good For USD
Trade Balance       EUR Against EUR
Prelim UoM Consumer Sentiment       USD Good For USD


As you can see in the above table we had not any good important economic indicator for EUR then it seems that EUR will go to be weak in the next week.

Author: Mohsen J. From  PipSafe Team

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Gabrill Says

4 3

i like it, but it is not rules! maybe Euro Grow up like a mushroom ;)! but I am agree with fall of it as your idea! CPI of USA i

user image

Gabrill Says

2 3

but CPI of USA can change all things in market! it is possible! some time Big trade start when Euro Dose not have any news! see history of news before!any way my note is it: no things in Forex is rules! are things can change suddenly

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Takashi Forexer Says

2 3

Hey I think that EUR will go up next week because previous we had marubozu candlestick 2 weeks agoprevious EURUSD just come backed to start new up trend

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david yobvb Says

2 3

Yes you are trust I analyse euro and and I think eur/usd go down this week


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