FBS became sponsor of Child’s Dream charity organization!

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FBS became sponsor of Child’s Dream charity organization!

FBS company has become a sponsor of the Child’s Dream charity organization that is supporting deprived children from Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. This means FBS will be doing good deeds and making children smile again!
From now on, we will transfer charity funds to the organization’s account every month and the money will be used to help children within the Child’s Dream key projects. Moreover, we are planning to carry out joint promotions with the fund’s volunteers! Sponsorship has been set for a long term, and our collaboration promises to be very effective and fruitful.

The charitable organization is striving to not just secure financial aid to children, but provide them with education! Another major focus area of Child’s Dream is health care, which is crucial for a full-fledged life. We fully support work in these fields and will be glad to help children under the fund’s care. Indeed, FBS policy is success for every single one! We do everything to make sure that each person has a chance to seize their life. That is why, we support education for under-privileged children with all our hearts – this is what will help them become fulfilled.

As a successful international broker and a world-class company, we realize our responsibility to the society, and especially to the younger generation. FBS has always strived to take part in charity work, launch its own charitable programmes and carry out special promotions regularly. Thus, aid to children this year is just a beginning; very soon, we will run many promotions, in which our clients will have an opportunity to participate as well. Apart from that, we will be sharing the first reports of our mutual work with Child’s Dream in the nearest future.

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