Forex Scalping Strategies

Forex Scalping Strategies

Scalping strategy is one of the most favorites trading strategy for many Forex traders and most Forex brokers don’t like scalpers because they earn high profit with a lot of orders in short period of time!

Many Forex brokers assign at least one rule in their agreement against Forex scalper traders any how some Forex brokers allow you to trade and earn profit by scalping strategies.


Forex Scalping Strategy Definition:

Scalp means you open and close position in less than 2 minutes some time scalpers open and close their position in less than 10 seconds!

In fact scalpers try to earn profit by predict 3 or 5 pips market direction in other hands the scalpers trying to trade on the short wave movement.

Scalpers try to earn low pips and open and close a lot of positions during their trading some time maybe they open 100 orders per day! Or more

There are a lot of scalping strategies in the world unfortunately most traders think that scalping means open an order with 2 or 3 pips take profit! But scalping strategy is like all other strategy you should have specify rules for your strategy.


1- You must understand the market condition to enter your position.

2- You must know that what the best time for your scalping strategy in fact is your strategy good in morning or night or during important economic Forex news and etc..?

3- You must know how much pip is you lose if you trade wrong unfortunately most Forex scalpers open a position with 2 pips take profit without any limitation for their lose !

sometime their risk/reward ratio is horrible ! for example I saw many Forex scalpers risk/reward ratio is 2pips profit and their stop loss is more than 50 pips!

4- Scalping means short profit and short time!

To enter your scalp position you must know that how much time do you need to earn profit or exit with lose if you are a second scalper you should know that your position should close after 1 minutes maximum and if you are minute scalper you should close your position after maximum 5 minutes it is depend on your scalping strategy and your trading time and etc.

5-I highly recommend you that don’t open scalping position during the important news like  unemployment rate or other important news the most Forex brokers don’t close your position on your stop loss point during news and most brokers wide their spread during Forex news.


Author: Mohsen J. From PipSafe Team


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Reply Forex & You! Says
6 3

Mohsen Forex Scalping Strategy is Forex Arbitrage ?or Arbitage is another thing's?

user image Reply Forex & You! Says
5 3

I really like know about Forex Arbitrage and know this method of trade is A Legal Scalping or Not!

user image Reply Mohsen-J Says
3 3

Dear Forex & You !In the next article I will write about Forex arbitrage strategy we have a lot of Forex scalping strategies arbitrage is one of them

user image Reply عمر Says
3 3

I like Learn about it too, :)

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Reply NIMA S. Says
4 4

\"many Forex traders and most Forex brokers don’t like scalpers because they earn high profit with a lot of orders in short period of time!\"I did not Agree With This idea! Some Forex Brokers Like some of 1-10 Th List of Pipsafe Cover Trades With other banks! & they happy if you make Scalping ! the Goals and Target of This Forex Brokers Are more & more Trade! why They do not like! The Like Scalping!

user image Reply Mohsen-J Says
2 4

Nima you are right many Forex brokers don\'t like scalpers but some of them allow it

user image Reply Mohsen-J Says
3 3

Anyhow ! All Forex brokers don\'t like traders who make profit!

user image Reply عمر Says
3 3

Hi mohsen i Think You did not read text Of NIMA S.! You Tell a lot of brokers like Scalping! You find it False!

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Reply Mohsen-J Says
2 3

Hi عمر!!I did not reject Nima\'s comment! I just said that all brokers don\'t like their traders to earn profit if you lose in your scalping strategy you are welcome in all brokersbut if you earn profit by weekly traders ! all forex brokers don\'t like you!!because they are forced to earn a few spread from your trade !(if they was not market maker)butwhen you lose they will earn all your money!



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