Fundamental or Technical

Fundamental or Technical

In the Forex market most Forex Traders think about this question:

Which one is better fundamental analysis or technical analysis?

both of them have their advocates and adversaries.

I believe that this is false comparison because these are completely different.

When we are talking about Forex technical analysis we are talking about statistics generated by market activity and probability according to the market movement prices in history. Technical analyzer tries to predict market according to the mathematic formulas and rules.


When we want analysis market fundamentally we should analysis fundamental news indicators fundamental analyzer try to understand economic and study everything from the overall economy and industry conditions to the financial condition and management of companies and countries.

Well as you see fundamental analysis is not comparable with technical analysis there are a lot of information about Forex fundamental analysis and Forex technical analysis on the internet and you can learn both of them because technical analysis is easier most Forex trader prefer to analyze Forex market by technical rules.



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Reply Spigel Says
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Its an old question on the forex market.Both of them are complement each other and we have to use both

user image Reply NIMA S. Says
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i am agree with you Spigel. fundamental and Technical Analysis are like of 2 wing of An One Airplane!

user image Reply Gabrill Says
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yes! but be sure Some Times Poetical mans,, change all Scenario!

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Reply Alfy Says
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As my own experience this question raised with author consider one of the most essential and important question in Forex market and who ever wants to achieve his or her goals in Forex market should analyze both fundamental and technical especially following his method.



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