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Gold Technical Analysis (2015.11.20)

Gold markets broke higher during the course of the day on Thursday, but we think there is still a significant amount of resistance near the $1100 level. Because of this, we have no interest whatsoever in buying, and we feel that the market is going to continue to sell off every time it rallies. All we are looking for some type of short-term resistive candle in order to start shorting the gold market, as we should reach down towards the 1000 level given enough time. We have no interest in buying this market right now, and as a result we remain vigilant.

Gold Chart


Source: Fxempire


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Gold Says

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You can see a strong Japanese candlestick pattern on daily chart\"Morning star Pattern\".Its a good support level for Buyers.Now price is in oversold area and I think that after 1088.02 as resistance level we can have buy orders.I\'m not sure ,maybe!!

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Sarah Says

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I agree with gold but I think that the gold is full risky to buy at the moment.It\'s better we analysis this metal on the next week again.

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Forex & You! Says

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I agree with you! Gold will Fall To under 1000$ soon! buy will be safe near 900USD per once!

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WeaponFx Says

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what happened for gold in end this years? still bearish? or going up to bullish?


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