High Volatile Trading News FOMC and NFP

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High Volatile Trading News FOMC and NFP (How to Trade the FOMC or NFP)

1. open any pair of at least 10 minutes before the NFP (TF5)
2. candle benchmark we have 2 candle before NFP
3. if the NFP occurred at 12:30 then we are the benchmark candle candle that closes 12:25 hours.
4. if the candle that closes 12:25 hours if the bull then buy and sell the bear
5. open position if possible 2 minutes before the NFP or around the clock 12: 27-12: 28
TP: 30-50 PIP
SL: 50-100 PIP

Simple Trading Scalping With EMA (Simple Forex Scalping Strategy Using EMA) 

EMA setting 18,19,20,21,22 / Close / blue.
EMA setting 24,25,26,27,28 Close / red color.
EMA 23 Close / yellow

RULES: (How to Scalping With EMA)

If the above OP BUY blue color, if red above OP SELL.
I None Take Profit. I close the position when it turns color.
I used to wear in the TF M5 and All Pairs.

Simple Blind Strategy (The Blind Trading Strategy for Forex Traders)

The rules that select the currency movement is long, for example, the GBP/USD. Then open the chart time frame for 1 hour. You should know that the average length of movement of the GBP/USD 1 hour is 30 points.

The Rules: (How to Trade Forex Blind System)

Open every position open price recently formed on the basis of the previous candle, if the previous candle bullish, so when we open the form, the open position and vice versa BUY with a target profit Stop loss 10 points and 10 points, and lot size of 0.1.

Because the length of movement per hour is 30 points, then when the only target of 10 points should be secure. If the results of the transaction profit, please do this continuously. but if the result is lost then you can use a martingale system to your profit.


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