Lifestyles of the Rich and Pipped

Lifestyles of the Rich and Pipped



If you don’t recognize the picture above, it’s clear that you didn’t grow up in the 1980’s in the United States, or that you have never seen the television show “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”.

Of course, it’s ok if you have never seen the show. Here was it’s most basic premise: your host, Robin Leach (who was usually yelling at the camera) would lead you around the world and show you the houses of some very rich, and very famous, people.
The show gave a voyeuristic view of some savagely wealthy people.

But you know what? Watching that show never made me a penny. Not one time was I more wealthy, more successful, or even better prepared for success, just because I had watched that show.

What I really wanted to know – how those people got so rich – was never  explained. Of course, I could do that reading and study on my own. And I did. And I still do.

Today, Kim Shaftner, a medical doctor, a forex trader, and a good friend, is going to help me teach you some of the lessons about how the most successful people (in particular, successful traders) have led their lives to position themselves for profits.

I Dare You to Treat Your Body Like Crap
Go on. We dare you.

Eat whatever you want. Never get enough rest. Load yourself up on a diet of negative thoughts. Do all the stuff you know you should not do.

Now trade.

After treating your body and mind like garbage, are you surprised that you will not be a very good trader? Most traders think of the following when they plan for success:

1. The perfect system.
2. Great money management principles.
3. A lot of money to put in their account.

But most traders never consider that what they put into their mind and body is going to have an impact on their trading.

Well, we have a message for you:

What you put into your mind and body has the greatest impact on your success as a trader.
That’s right. The single greatest factor to your success is probably something that you have never considered before.

We am not saying that you can have a Saddy Dumpington (awful) trading system. We are not saying that you can have terrible money management rules. But what we are saying is that if you have a terrible lifestyle, then you are VERY likely to create:

Terrible, Saddy Dumpington Trading Systems Stupid Money Management Rules
That is one major losing bull.

Ok. Now let’s get down to the business of explaining the mind-body-trading connection that exists. We’re going to talk about some science and stuff, so hold on tight. We promise that it will be worth it in the end.

To read More Please download the book.

Rob Booker & Kim Shaftner, M.D.


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