The future of Cryptocurrency!

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The creators of dogecoin are not optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency.


The future of Cryptocurrency! – Billy Markus, who created the original meme cryptocurrency, DOGE, along with Jackson Palmer shared a controversial opinion. Marcus reckons that out of 500 newly minted coins; nearly 100% will definitely crash. He also shared on Twitter that he had already stopped investing in digital currencies in 2013.

In his opinion, when most people buy crypto they gamble, partly referring to the fact that the majority of retail investors do not understand the market well and do not study the coins. He also noted that he has not worked on the development of Dogecoin for a long time and has no plans to create a new digital currency.

Additionally, Jackson Palmer recently expressed his frustration with cryptocurrencies and believes that the digital currency market will eventually crash. He uses the term “idiots” to describe people who invest in the market and believes that when the market falls, weaker people often lose assets and capital. In an interview with the Australian magazine Crickey, he admitted that Tesla`s CEO will always remain a scammer and believes that Musk does not have enough knowledge about crypto and coding, and users mistakenly invest in cryptocurrencies based on his advice.


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