The Miracle of Discipline

The Miracle of Discipline

Have you ever exited a trade at a loss, only to find that the trade would have been profitable only a little while later? Have you ever exited a losing trade, opened one in the opposite direction, and then lost twice?I have. I used to make those mistakes and many others.Have you ever not stayed in a trade long enough to get the full amount of profit from it?

Discipline is the answer. Disciplined traders succeed and undisciplined traders fail. It’s really that easy.This isn’t an ebook about forex trading, though – at least not directly. It’s really about how you can learn to acquire greater discipline in your life, which will make you a better trader (much better). In fact, I promise that this book will make you a better trader, as long as you’re willing to give some of my advice a try. Once you’ve acquired greater  discipline in your life, I’ve got a bunch of forex trading strategies that you can use (or you can find many, many others elsewhere). But none of those strategies are worth anything without discipline, because…

I have read just about every forex strategy book out there – and hundreds of self-help books — and all of them have impacted my life positively. I’m a better trader for having read them. However, for much of my life I struggled with a lack of discipline, and as long as I struggled with discipline, I was always almost successful at whatever I tried. So I was left with mountains of good advice and  without the discipline to implement all of it consistently. After hundreds and hundreds of conversations with traders and successful people across the world, I realized that I wasn’t alone, and for many people, a lack of discipline is standing in the way of both trading profits and the realization of their dreams.

I then knew that my successes and my failures could be traced to the presence – or absence – of one human quality: discipline.

This book is about how to achieve greatness. Not just in trading on theforeign exchange, although I hope that’s what you achieve. Discipline, more than just a forex strategy, in fact, about the one way to achieve greatness. It’s above

strategy. It’s above tactics. I know that is a terribly presumptuous thing to say. I know you’re thinking that I must be out of my mind. I promise you that I’m:

a. Not lying to you.
b. Have nothing to gain by lying to you.


I have freely distributed thousands of copies of this book in several editions, hoping that as many people will read it and comment on it. If I wanted to expose myself to ridicule, I could have done it in a much easier way by dropping my pants in the supermarket. I can’t make any money from you unless you want to buy forex signals or advice from me, which doesn’t cost you very much anyway. That said, I promise you that if you apply the principles in this book, you will achieve greater success in life.

I also want to let you know that I’m still working on disciplining myself. As I wrote this book, I was reminded of Robert Pirsig’s insightful comment at the introduction of his book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
: that the book wasn’t very accurate as far as fixing motorcycles was concerned, but the repairs to his bike were really just metaphors, anyway. I feel like I’ve written a book about discipline not because I was born with it, but rather because I’ve spent my life trying to compensate for my lack of it. My conversations with many others like me have made this journey not only fruitful but spiritually fulfilling.


Lastly, before you dive into this book, I want to encourage you to do a few things: write in the margins of this book. Take notes. Think this stuff through. Send copies to close friends and ask them to discuss it with you. I don’t care howmany times you copy this book and send it to friends as long as you don’t changethe writing inside of the margins or say that you wrote it. Think as many thoughts as you can on this subject. Then tell me what you’ve discovered.

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By: R. Booker 


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