Understanding the Difference Between Forex and Binary Options

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Understanding the Difference Between Forex and Binary Options

Actually binary and Forex its same parameter, but different its platform where platform in Forex more completed indicator etc if compared with binary, but another with binary ,sometime binary its can benefit with news more big news one shoot to winning with find and open position in last second news , usually many that harness like big boy,if you Interested with binary you must attention hours market open and you must watch what important news which will be out that day and important more must see candlestick on chart this maybe same in Forex .

How To Trade Binary Options? (An example To Trading Binary Options)

If you trading in binary here you are forced open positions based on time , where the time can be minutes or hours for instance, if you open a buy position diharga 110.70 USDJPY within 1 minute if the price above 110.70 you get profit and vice versa, now talk about Forex , if i see development Forex now is growing rapidly many Forex brokers offer a small deposit to facilitate traders and always update on Meta Trader make it easier in analyzing the market but that’s its depending trader more comfortable binary or Forex.

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