Us Dollar worth and Oil Price (I)

Us Dollar worth and Oil Price (I)

It is obvious that Oil prices and Gold prices will effect on all currencies value

There are a lot of function that effect on Oil and Gold prices it completely depends on a lot of factors such as United Nations political or economic decisions, war in middle east, social safety in all countries, Opec decisions, market requests weather season.

 But which function is more important?

It seems that political decisions are more important than the other factors just think about these sentence:

Now is winter well in winter people needs more energy well the market request will be increase then the oil price should go up!

Well now look at the oil price in winter! during last 3 years:


What happened?
Oil prices goes down but why?
in some sources some analyzers wrote:

Potential world crises in oil-producing countries dramatically increase oil prices. That’s usually because traders worry the crisis will limit supply.

In other hand the experts say that war and unsafety will increase oil price but look at the wares in the world now!

Most unsafety’s are in middle east now and in middle east we have a lot of oil sources.

Another factor is disasters Natural and man-made disasters can drive up oil prices if they are dramatic enough. But again if we look at market prices we will see that the oil prices did not increased after disasters!

To be continue…….


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Great article I\'m waiting for your next article

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How we can find good forex signal on Oil ?
Is it any expert adviser for oil trading?



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