Weltrade Forex Broker launches Bitcoin trading

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Weltrade Forex Broker launches Bitcoin trading – Now you can earn Bitcoin rate movements at any time of the day, seven days a week.Bitcoin volatility is on average 40 times higher than that of currencies in the Forex market, and trading activity does not depend on the release of economic statistics in any country. Open new accounts type Crypto and earn with the help of the latest financial instruments.

Trading on Crypto accounts from WELTRADE has proven benefits, namely:

  • trading is available 24/7
  • withdrawal of funds is carried out within 30 minutes, round the clock on any day of the week
  • verification takes several hours
  • high volatility ensures profitability at any time of the day
  • direct market execution and quotes from leading exchanges

More information about Weltarde Broker

Weltarde Forex Broker Review

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