Why Are Investors More Bullish on Ethereum Than Bitcoin?

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Why Are Investors More Bullish on Ethereum Than Bitcoin?

According to a survey by CoinShares, approximately 60% of investors believe that Ethereum (ETH) has more attractive growth prospects. In contrast to  60% who supported ETH, only 30% of respondents said that Bitcoin (BTC) has the most attractive growth prospects. The survey included 43 investors who managed $390 billion worth of assets. Among the participants, those who identified as Wealth Managers (25%) and Family Office (25%) accounted for half of the group. Another 22% and 17%  identified as Hedge Fund and Institutional, respectively.

It can be seen that a majority of investors have switched to ETH from BTC when comparing the latest results with the 2022 results. Only 40% of respondents said ETH has more attractive growth potential, while just under 40% chose only BTC in the 2022 survey. In one year, the number of investors who voted for ETH increased to 60%, while those who voted for BTC decreased to 30%. Although investors have moved away from BTC, this year’s results show that the number of investors has increased. 30% of participants own BTC, marking an increase from 24% in 2022, according to CoinShare.


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