Beginner’s Guide to Binary Options

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Beginner’s Guide to Binary Options


This e-book has been designed to enrich traders’experience on binary options and enlighten them about the basic features prior trading. One essential feature that our financial analysts have meticulously worked on is the simplification of technical words for newbies. This e-book is a collective effort to offer quality knowledge to traders before embarking further into the binary options journey.Binary options trading has underwent many changes
since its start and is still evolving towards perfection.innovation. With this constant growth, you need to make
sure that you are up-to-date with the happenings of the industry.At BigOption, our foremost priority is you. This Beginners Guide to Binary Options has been conceived after due thought about our traders who require constant
assistance and guidance; this e-book will be the reference guide necessary for successful trading  experience.

What is BigOption?
BigOption is a binary options broker, providing quality service to traders. Combing technological innovation with unique features and extreme security measures, BigOption relentlessly makes sure that it is providing a trustworthy
platform for trading.The BigOption team highly regards traders’ investment, both in terms of money and time spent. Thus, everything is done to provide the latter with a support team ready to assist them 24/7. Dedicated Account Managers play a crucial role within the company as BigOption strives to achieve their ideal state as the next generation of binary options trading.Driven by the passion to excel and with a broad perspective over the financial market, the BigOption teams consists of trading experts who always deliver the right learning materials as well as constant update on market events.

Binary Options trading have been existing since years, but remained unnoticed until 2008. It gained popularity during that year where the Chicago Board of Exchange (BOE) publicly introduced it as the first tradable asset besides the mainstream foreign exchange and the stock exchange. However, the year 2008 was laden with bad news for the
financial. Binary Options became at that time the ‘saviour’ of trading. In course of such a difficult phase for traders, this type of trading helped the average traders to amass revenue, at least on a smaller scale than nothing at all.
What also pushed binary options trading forward was the rise of technological advancement; in a world of rapidly changing trends, this type of trade instantly gained popularity due to the accessibility and the innovative features that it previewed. Binary Options can be traded anywhere, traders only need access to the internet and a device to connect to it.

With the fast moving pace of technology, binary options is today available on mobile applications. It provides more flexibility and internet connection.Moreover, binary trading is a concept that keeps on evolving in terms of the trading tools that it offers. The ‘60secs’ trading for instance, is a fairly new concept that enables traders to make
profits in a time frame of 60 seconds. The trading tools partakes the needs of traders and it is one kind of a journey that requires no great experience about trading.


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