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If we talk about versus so we will see who is lost and who is wins? But in this case we will see who is have more advantage than the other one. In the world of trading many factors and viewpoints if it is to discuss matters relating to trading.Theme of Binary Options Trading Versus Forex will be very much factor and elements, and certainly will be very much a conflict between those who agree and disagree with one only.


Here I will discuss a little outline about that, especially on matters subject.

1. About Purpose (What is your goal in Binary Option & Forex?)
Both of these platforms are equally used for trading and aims at for profit.

2. How To Trade (How To Trade Binary Option)
Binary options,execute the open positions with a certain amount appropriate choices provided and within a specified time ranging from 1 minutes till by weeks or even months. If in time we choose the open position we are right then we will get profit ,win by a certain amount according to the number that we do while open position, but if the open positions we are wrong we will lose , lose by a certain amount according to the number that we do when open positions. There is no other option but to buy and sell.
Forex,Doing open positions in a certain amount according to our choice, In Forex many factors that determine the conduct of open position, starting from the margin, leverage, lot, and others. Here is not in limit by the time the closing position. Trader free to closes the position. All depends on the trader’s choice, wanted to lose or gain.

3. Technical Trading (Live Trading on the Forex & Binary Options) 

Binary options trader is not possible to apply the technique of trading, there are simply just have two choices to buy or sell, and there are only two outcomes lose or win.
Forex is very possible for a trader to apply various techniques trading, which will result is also vary.

4. Advantages and Disadvantages (Advantages and Disadvantages for Forex market and Binary Option)
Binary options,The advantages of binary options is easy to get a big profit in quick time.The disadvantages is like gambling, forcing traders in situations make their psychology like a gambler, just playing to guessing, highly speculative, suitable for traders who have gamblers mentality. No given space for traders after the open position, automatically after open position trader just let go and hope he was right.

A good Factor to choose Forex Market!

Forex Give freedom and flexibility for traders to make transaction. many options and trading techniques to be able to applied. given space to trader for manage their transactions and financial freely on both, before and after the open position.Broadly may be that I can say about binary options trading versus Forex. I’m not going to persuade you to more loved one and vilify others. It is all up to you, which is suitable and convenient for you. But as a Muslim binary options is prohibited and unlawful, because transactions do not pure trading and price deal happened not determined by the trader, but by a certain time.

Finally in trading all depends on the trader’s itself, there are many ways techniques and methods that can be used for the take of benefit.

Happy trading and greeting profit
by superdjoko

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