Forex Trading VS Binary Options Trading

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Forex Trading VS Binary Options Trading

In Forex trading, traders must invest some capital as margin with a value corresponding to leverage an option trader. Trader also must increase funding if the experience of floating loss while margin traders are in a particular position. This must be done or the trader concerned is not able to continue the transaction.

How can I invest in Binary Option ? (Step by step guide to Options Trading)

While on investment binary option is not applicable margin system so that the trader will never experience a margin call.In this investment trader could receive a profit of between 75% and 85% of capital traded or missing trader if the predictions were done wrong. Advantages and disadvantages different Forex binary option associated with the profit opportunities or risk of loss, is, on investment Forex trader can not confirm the amount of loss when trading experience loss, including the amount of profit if the deal is successful. While in investment since the beginning of binary option trader has to know the magnitude of the risk of losses to be borne before entry, also the amount of benefits to be derived after the expiration time or deadline.

Types of orders In Forex Market(buy stop, buy limit, sell stop, and sell limit)

Types of order In Forex investment is the main order of buy and sell orders, and OCO (One Cancels Others), limit, stop limit and trailing stop. The combination of the orders, among other things, buy stop, buy limit, sell stop, and sell limit.

Types of orders In Binary Options (call / put, cash or nothing call / put, touch and no touch)

As for the order type binary option consists of four types, namely asset or nothing call / put, cash or nothing call / put, touch and no touch. Trading size in terms of the trade size is, the size of the Forex investment unit used is the lots, the unit amount of the contract or contract size, with 1 lot is equal to $ 100,000 quantity contract size.

Forex Account Types(Micro-Standard-ECN)

In this investment provided some kind of measure of trading in accordance with the type of account offered by Forex brokers. For example, a micro account with 0.01 units of lots, mini account with units of 0.1 lots, and regular or standard account with units 1 lot. To open the accounts (candidate) trader should provide an investment fund with a suitable amount set by the broker.

Binary Options account Types

On investment binary option trading there is no system size. For trading is only determined by the limit of investment funds at least and at most for each trade. There is an account which sets a minimum deposit of $ 5.00 per trade, while the maximum value is more than $ 5,000.

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