What are Binary Options?

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What are Binary Options? – Binary Options are predictions on how a certain stock, index, or commodity will do over a certain amount of time. There’s no risk as you’re not buying the asset, just predicting whether the price will rise or fall. Binary Options are simple, quick, and profitable.Binary options are named as such because they only have two possible outcomes:either the forecast is correct or it is not. As a trader, you decide how much you want to invest in the option as there is no fixed price for the option, just fixed return.Do you think the price of oil will reach $100/barrel in the next hour? By investing in your forecast, you can make 89% of your investment in under an hour.

Here’s an example:
1. Invest $500 in one of 24Option’s assets, example: Gold
2. Decide if Gold’s price will go up or down
3. Click ‘Buy’. If you’re right, you’ve just made $445.

Purchasing a binary option from 24option is easy. In order to buy a binary option,
you just need to follow these four simple steps:
1. Choose an asset that you want to trade. This may be a stock, commodity,forex paring, etc.
2. Decide which type of binary option you wish to utilize: High/Low, One Touch or Boundary.
3. Enter the amount you wish to invest in your prediction. Investment amounts range from $24 minimum up to $100,000.
4. Purchase the option by clicking the ‘Buy’ button.


Once you have performed these steps to purchase a binary option, a trade confirmation will be automatically generated that can be printed out for your records.
Additional Trading Tools
• Prices charts that display the recent movement of the underlying asset’s price over time or current news and information items related to the underlying assetcan be accessed from the Trade Box as shown in the pictures below.
• You can display this information by clicking the appropriate icon buttons that appear inside the gold bar and are located in the upper right corner of the Trade Box. You can also hide the Trade Box entirely or display it by clicking on the black arrow located in the same region.

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