When Market Trend Will Change(I)

When Market Trend Will Change(I)


This is very important question:

Will the forex market trend change or not?

There are many rules to understand this question but most of them are not easy to realize, in this article I will show you some simple way to understand this.

When the bullish will finish? Most people think that when sellers will be more than buyers the bullish trend will finish but in fact when buyers want close their position the market trend will change.


In other hand

The forex market trend will change when the winner traders try to close their position in this situation the trend will become weak and you should look for revers opportunity.

But how to understand this situation to get the right decision?

We can focus on the chart movies we will found some keys to understand this.

In the first article I will show you one of them and in the next articles I will show you the other ways.

Please follow me step by step:


We had down trend but as you can see the market down trend stopped this is the first key that show us the sellers are going to close their positions


Market goes up now the other sign appeared it can tell us most sellers exit from the market.


The last sign is market try to go down but it was not successful to reach the minimum price again it shows us market trend changed completely and you can see this happened in the next picture:


As I wrote before there are a lot of rules to understand this situation when you understand the market trend you can get best points to enter the market and you can understand when to exit.

Please follow me on the next article I will show you more signs.


Have a profitable traders.

Author: M .Jamshidi





When Market Trend Will Change (II)


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