Martingale Strategy And None Farm Payroll

Martingale Strategy And None Farm Payroll

In previous article I wrote basic information about Forex Martingale Strategy but here I want show you how to earn profit after None Frame Payroll news by martingale Strategy!Maybe you become confuse because most professional Forex Traders notice you that don’t use martingale strategy during important news and totally most of them are not agree with Martingale strategy!

Well it’s better to show you this strategy by picture and example but first let me talk about None Farm Payroll market behavior.We have always None Farm Payroll news with Unemployment news together and both of them are very important economic indicator.When both of them shows you same effect, the market behavior is different than the time that they are different.

For Example, look at the bellow picture




As you can see on 6th November 2015 two news was good for US Dollar value and look at market action please:




EURUSD fall down rapidly more than 50 pips and after this news market did not revers.



What is the good strategy now?

Start martingale sell (only sell) just through the market action.




On 2th October both news was against the US dollar value look at the chart please:




Again as you can see market goes up after 5 minute without reverse and now you can start your martingale buy orders and earn profit easily.




4th September None Frame Employment rate was against US dollar value but unemployment rate was good for US Dollar value look at chart action:




As you can see market goes up first but it falls down rapidly and continue down trend till 5 minutes in this situation we should wait more than 20 minutes if there is no important news after the none frame payroll you can start your martingale strategy for both side (sell and buy) and earn profit.

Please be careful you should stop your trading 3 hours before market close time don’t trade greedy.





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Reply Sarah Says
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Great article ,thanks pipsafe,I want to know can you give me an expert advisor to run that martingale system?

user image Reply Forex & You! Says
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Maybe be better Do some test before Do suddenly! normally suddenly decision will tend to loss!

user image Reply Gabrill Says
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I agree 100% with your idea, when you like do Trade in Forex market fast! result= call margin

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Reply Forex & You! Says
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This Strategy is Some Things Completely new ! i Hope Read and study more about it! is as strange of HSBC online bonus Saver!



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