Simple strategies with Bollinger Bands

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Simple strategies with Bollinger Bands (A Simple Day Trading Strategy Using Bollinger Bands)

1. Bollinger band (1) setting: 20 dev period 2 red (Default Setting MT4)
2. Bollinger band (2) setting: period 20 dev 5 blue (Default Setting MT4)

Applies to any pair and any time frame. I prefer to use existing GPB/USD and USD/JPY, my experience to avoid EUR/USD and EUR/JPY.

Rule open position : (Bollinger bands strategy)

1. OP buy when touched or penetrated candle red BB bottom Take Profit in a blue top and Stop Loss in BB blue beneath.
2. OP sell when the candle touch and penetrate the red BB TP at the top underneath the blue BB and SL in blue top BB.
3. those who do not like contact with SL please tricked by averaging techniques, hedging and switching.

My experience is quite TP 5-10 pips only, usually always Ok.

Tips and tricks to shoot 10 pips high accuracy (Manage your Profits with Bollinger Bands) 

1. Always OP when the first candle BB touching either up or down, if it has been touched in a second chance and so the accuracy will be reduced or it can be in contact with SL and who do not use the SL certainly Loss, so remember the first time touched directly bb OP if the opportunity missed in a pair then look the other pair.
2. Accuracy would be and even better if there pair touching bb in Asian session I think akuranya 98%, 90% European session, the American only 65%.
3. Set Money Management and wear SL.
4. Do not be greedy enough daily maximum of 10%.


By andri refa priyanto

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