The Truth About 60 Second Binary Options

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The Truth About 60 Second Binary Options

Binary Options are a simple way to participate in the movement of financial assets. They are Binary in nature in that there are only two possible outcomes.Either you win the predetermined profit % or you lose your investment.
The basic Binary Options trades are called Up/Down or Call/Put options. You would choose to make a Call option trade is you believe the asset will be higher at expiry or a Put option trade if you believe the asset will be lower at expiry. All it takes to execute a Call/Put Binary Option is 5 easy steps as displayed below.

60 Second Binary Options

In the above example using the Banc De Binary trading platform we:
 Selected the AUD/USD currency pair when the market price was 1.01022.
 Selected the earliest available expiry.
 We clicked UP for a Call Option.
 Entered Trade Amount of $100. Payout amount of $175 is displayed.
 Clicked Apply.
If the AUD/USD closes even one pip above 1.01022 at expiry, we will win the trade and gain a return of 75% on our investment in less than 15 minutes. If the AUD/USD closes below 1.01022 we will lose our investment.

Binary Options affords traders and investors alike the opportunity to gain huge returns on their investments up to 81% in short time periods without the need for a large capital investment. In a traditional stock trade, to earn an 81% return the underlying asset has to appreciate by more than 81% taking into account commissions and fees. With a
Binary Options trade the asset need only appreciate to earn your 81% return. Furthermore, in order to purchase the underlying asset you must allocate sufficient capital for the purchase amount, whereas in a Binary Trade you may
invest as little as $5 per trade.


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