Top Forex brokers list



1 6.8$ Per lot
Adamant Finance

Adamant Finance

2 5.1$ Per lot


3 8.5$ Per lot


4 21% Of commission


5 25.5% Of commission


6 5.95$ Per lot


7 4.25$ Per lot
Blackwell Global (UK)

Blackwell Global (UK)

8 6.8$ Per lot


9 8.5$ Per lot


10 8.5$ Per lot


11 8.5$ Per lot


12 12.75$ Per lot


13 12.75$ Per lot


14 3.4$ Per lot

15 25.5% Of spread

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A service for valid rebate Forex, choose fast and active one

If you are looking for a great rebate Forex and valid for trading in Forex and Binary Option, PipSafe is the best and certain choice for business in Forex and Binary Option Markets.

The big range from Forex and Binary Options Brokers

On PipSafe you are able to choose a big range of Forex brokers for trading. We try to gather various Forex brokers for different requests of traders. Moreover, PipSafe, for the first time, tries to return the rebates in Binary Options brokers and you can also receive the rebate in your trading in Binary Option too.

A place for all small and big accounts

Whether you trading account is one dollar or big money, it does not make any different and all accounts. Whatever the balance is has the same conditions along with the same support. Therefore, from now think about saving from your all-trading accounts even though they are small.

Without any changing and increasing in amount of Spreads or commission

In all Forex, Binary Option brokers and in all accounts we have no increasing or changing in spreads and commission and all conditions in trading accounts are the same along with non-representative accounts.

The highest Back Rebate Forex traders

By choosing, with PipSafe as its representative at a rate of accurate-85 percent Rebate take advantage of your business. We all in Forex and Binary Options brokers give you exactly 85% of rebates monthly or weekly.

Rebates payment weekly

If you like to receive Forex or Binary Option earlier than a monthly case, you can use our weekly rebate payment and cash your money weekly.

Professional and fast support in all days of week

You can have nice support for twenty-four hours to solve all the problems you have and you can have contact via Skype ,Email and Live chat.

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Forex Scam Brokers list

IronFX Financial Services

Admiral Markets



See a full list of scam forex brokers

Comprehensive list of Forex scams brokers

In this part, you are able to see some Comprehensive list of Forex and Binary Options scams brokers before opening any accounts. You have to know them more.

In these lists you can see 100% scam brokers and brokers having a lot of problems, which are known as problematic Forex Brokers in Forex Society (valid Regulations or reliable Forex Supervisory Sites and also PipSafe itself as a Forex Rebate Service Provider) that in the case of activity and trading with them, expose your business investment to the various risks and lost.

Avoid from Forex scams brokers

One of the most important responsibilities of Forex and Binary Options traders is to know more about these brokers and search carefully prior to opening any accounts.

On PipSafe, in Forex and Binary Options frauds brokers, all brokers somehow have some problems or defects in services, which cause many troubles in trading.

The interesting points for all Forex or Binary Options traders is that we are as giving services in Rebate (Cashback Forex) Forex and Binary Options and also have a good and close relations with Forex brokers, we can recognize them fast and early. However, if a broker refuses to give good services as a honest forex broker, we will add them in our warning list.

An important point about Forex scam brokers

It is good to remember that most Forex brokers expands fast and never stops their services. But based on our experience, they will diminish their quality in services. So this big defect will be obvious in Forex markets.

Always check valid Forex sites to assure about your broker well.

Binary Options Scam Brokers

Banc De


Edgedale Financewww.EdgedaleFinance

See a full list of scam binary options brokers

Rebates Exact Values for Forex Brokers

In this part, by clicking on each Forex broker, you can see the Rebates exact values for different trading accounts on that broker. It is noteworthy to mention that in all accounts and on all Forex or Binary Options Brokers, we will return 85% of your income level weekly or monthly!

Everything you need to know to start with PipSafe

PipSafe Forex Cashback

The Highest Forex Rebate (CashBack Forex) at the best Forex brokers are here to help you increase your profit in Forex market, When you as a Client open a Forex trading account through our referral links, we earn a commission from your Forex broker for any trade you made, PipSafe get back some part of this commission Up to 85% to clients.

Your trading conditions do not change if you open Forex account via our link, they remain the same as if you had opened and account directly with the broker. in the other word you can trade with lower spreads when you have corporate with us , By PipSafe Save money of your spending on spread with even 85% Forex rebate.

Our Goal is your satisfaction in this Forex Cash Back Program.

When You as a Forex Trader ,Open An Forex Account Via Cashback Forex Website like, The Forex brokerage pays PipSafe some part of spread for any trade you make (Win or Lose) as reward for referring a Forex customer to them, than PipSafe share the most of this revenue with you.

This is A Good Cooperation between you and PipSafe! PipSafe paying you Forex rebate Or in the other word pay you cash Rebate for each trade (Win or Lose) you make as tell you thank you for signing up with us! all conditions of trade like spreads & any other things remain the same as if you had open an account directly with the Forex Brokers.

The only difference is: As our customer you earn more profit per trade making trading via PipSafe is more profitable than open Forex account Directly via Forex brokers.

  • Increase your profit by some things that is Extra!
  • Get Profit on all trades! (Win or Lose) you got some amounts on loss trades too! it decrease you loss in long period of time.
  • Get some Money is better than left it! it is free for you and condition of trade remain the same as previous time! why not!
  • When you’re still practicing trading, losing trades are inevitable. But a Forex rebate can help take away some of the sting of these losses.

Must first become a member of our site, it is easy to register and you can easily do this.

After registered in the PipSafe Company you open an account with the broker you choose to trade with them then add the account number in the panel of PipSafe.

If you have opened an account through our website by any trade you do, you will Receive rebate, and we will add that amount of money with a delay of maximum one Month in your PipSafe account and you could withdraw it with different method.


If the brokers we‘ve introduced, already you have an account , simply email us and we will guide you how to tell your broker that your account could become subset of PipSafe or you can visit this page:

Changing IB Guide

We will try our best to transfer your trade Rebate , to your PipSafe account (You can check into your personal area) by (10th-15th) of each month. You can withdraw your money by following methods:

Bank Wire, Credit Cards, Paypal, Skrill , Webmoney & Perfect money

Normally we pay request after 1 hours and maximum 3 working days

This is the most hard question but we tried our best to introduce some good Forex brokers , our vision of good brokers depending on variety of parameters, different parameters Such as the type of regulatory broker hold, the broker response to customers, respond Quickly to customer, satisfaction of the customers from the Forex Broker global satisfaction Broker of various parameters on points We list, which the 15 broker website are Listed on the first page of the PipSafe that chooses by our technical team that they are the best to be completely reliable.

However, we have the utmost respect for all our Clients and customers have complete freedom in choosing a Forex or Binary Options broker. The broker you Selecting in your strategy of trade is one of the important points.

Our mission is to provide information to those who are interested to open an account in Forex brokers. We will rank Forex and Binary Options Brokers to PipSafe site by the reputation and reliability of the Brokers. In operation with various brokers who open an account on the website link, And start to Trade, Brokers pay us part of a spread, and we will return up to eighty five percent (85%) of this money to our clients.

We assure you that opening account directly with the broker or through our link will not changes anything in you account .The act of opening the account via our link, we will both benefit (you and we)and this is a win-win bilateral trade.